Skydiving Certification

Becoming A Certified Skydiver

If you’ve never before made a skydive, you are required to do a Tandem Skydive for your first jump. A tandem skydive jump allows you the knowledge, focusing on some important operations. You can purely relax and enjoy your skydive, while a highly trained professional instructor handles the equipment techniques.

If you’ve previously made a jump at Sky’s The Limit in the last 3 months, and are serious in becoming a skydiver, you will need to go through a validated training program. Most drop zones in the United States mandate skydivers to have a United States Parachute Association license. Sky’s the Limit gives two different training approaches that will get you well on your way to receiving a license from the USPA. These training programs requires eight skydives or more before you are certified to jump without instruction. You’ll need at minimum 25 skydives before you can certify for your first USPA license.
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Accelerated Free Fall

The accelerated free fall training program consists of a combo of ground school and instruction jumps. Training begins in the classroom (ground school), the student will learn everything they need to know in order to complete their first skydive. Ground school is pursued by a series of training jumps created to build on the student’s knowledge and skills to a point where he or she can properly monitor himself or herself on a solo jump. The first few jumps, the student will be guided by two instructors during the skydive. More advanced levels require only one instructor. When the student has confirmed sufficient skills and knowledge, the student will be cleared to jump without mentoring.
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Advanced Free Fall Program

Our advanced free fall course is by designed to help the student get seasoned to skydiving and canopy (parachute) flight before putting the student in the air under a solo parachute jump. The preparation begins with a short training class before each of the three working tandem skydives. Working tandem skydives call for the student to implement basic tasks that he or she will need to perform later, with the added comfort of having a veteran instructor with you.
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The working tandems are taken after ground school, which conditions the student to wear his or her own gear for the rest of the course session. During the remaining jumps, the student is followed in the air by one certified instructor. When the student has demonstrated an adequate amount of skill and knowledge, they will be cleared to jump without supervision.
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