Tandem Skydiving

Your First Tandem Skydive

Tandem Skydiving offers the most effective strategy for you to get in the sky the same day with basic amount of training. After a step by step training session with your certified tandem instructor, you will skydive from 13500 feet harnessed to your instructor. Freefalling for just about 1 minute experiencing Adrenaline like never before. Roughly 5000 feet you deploy the chute and enjoy a 5 to 6 minute decent with attractive views of the Pocono Mountains, Delaware Water Gap and the New York Horizon. Experience Tandem Skydiving, Experience ADRENALINE!

Regardless of whether you are new to parachuting and preparing your primary tandem skydive, or an qualified skydiver, Sky’s The Limit is the suitable place to make your next skydive. If you reside in the northeast region, we may be less than 1 hour away. Sky’s the Limit is situated just 75 miles from New York City. We offer skilled professional tandem and skydiving training sessions by USPA certified instructors (United States Parachute Association).
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After you arrive at Sky’s the Limit and sign in, you’ll watch a short video that will explain to you the kind of skydive you are about to make. This is supported by a short instructional session to train you with tandem skydiving techniques. Then you and your certified tandem instructor will gear up in a tandem skydiving system that is solely designed for two people.
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Continuing Your Training

If you would like to proceed in the sport of skydiving, you will need additional training instruction. Sky’s The Limit offers 2 training programs to guide you to become a certified skydiver.
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Accelerated Free Fall Program (AFF)

This program is composed of 8 training levels with one jump per level. You will skydive from 13,500 feet with your jumpmasters piloting you through basic movements during a 60 second free fall. Main focus is on free fall reparation, safety, body awareness, canopy control and ground to air direction of your 5 minute parachute ride.
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Advanced Free Fall Program (AFP)

After performing 4 Tandem levels– you will do 8 skydives from 13,500 feet with a certified skydive instructor taking you through a progression of learning levels, each with a functionality mission for you to perform.
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